Sunday, May 24, 2009

Service project

A couple of months ago Chad and I sat down to discuss some family issues. We talked about goals we had for our family and brainstormed ideas for areas we thought we were falling short in. Then we drew up a family contract for each member of the family to sign. I wish I could report that we have followed through with every part of that contract...I can't. However, we had agreed to make an effort to participate in more family service projects and this weekend we got the opportunity to do just that!
Our church has really made it easy for us as they have organized several family service projects for the fourth Saturday of each month. We chose to go to a local pregnancy resource center and help out there for a few hours. Most of the woman were organizing the clothes closet, assembling baby baskets for expectant mothers, and making no-sew fleece blankets. I was so happy that the woman who worked there was so flexible with us and kept the kids busy with many small projects that they could handle.

The kids unloaded light boxes, organized a toy room, bookshelves, and a broom closet. They sorted shoes to find matches and finally we made about a 100 or so small baggies with little rubber babies in them the exact size and replica of 12 week old babies in the womb.

I did leave our two littlest at home but even H3 was a big help.
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  1. OK, I have not had time to read blogging lately, but catching up I thought of a few things. First, I don't understand, "Boy, girl, boy, girl" How do you do that? Second, I have been wanting to participate in some service projects, but did not know where to go, so call us if you think of it and we will join you. And third, I thought, "You know even though she has so much on her plate, all this curriculum overviews may just be what you need for many many many (uhum... not to discourage you) but many years of future homeschooling. And now would be the time even though you are having to study them in between breaths, because when you get into the older years and have little ones to homeschool too, you may not have the opportunity. And you will be so quick at the homeschool conventions to just breeze through the new curriculum and know quickly how it would work for you based on all your experience. Oh and last, when are we gonna get together? Need a nap? I could come relieve you of some fun loving kiddos for a bit. Or maybe your family could be our service project. We will come clean for you. Or bring dinner. I remember there were days I thought, "Why are they waiting to bring meals for after the baby is born? I think I could use them now while my mom is NOT here." Just let me know. Love ya!



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