Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Testimony of True Love

I thought I could write a love letter to You, but my pen seemed to be stilled in awe. All of my words seemed to fall short. And they were unworthy of You...

There once was a little girl who dreamed of love. A love everlasting and true. But her hair wasn't golden, though her eyes were blue. Just not blue enough to turn any heads. Her voice not loud enough to draw any attention.

So she grew in the shadows.

As with all shadows, darkness and gloom crept in. And there was one who is evil who took delight in torturing the young girl. She became callous and cold, untrusting and hopeless. Confused, she searched for answers but was led astray by the evil one. As the years passed she grew deeper and deeper into despair.

Still the evil one was not satisfied. So he devised a quite cunning plan. A plan to drive her far from true love. And he was quite proud of himself.

Quietly, he stepped into the shadow where she lay weeping. "I'm going to make you beautiful," he whispered in her ear. Surprised to hear such a sweet sound, the girl came near to listen more closely. The evil one kissed her cheek and a rosy complexion appeared. He touched the dull strands of her hair and they bloomed into golden locks. He looked deep in her eyes and they became bluer than ever before.

"Look at what I have done," he said. He led her over to a tall, slender mirror. And though the glass was broken in two, she could still see her reflexion. Her eyes widened in amazement and she spun around and around. She was beautiful!

"Now listen closely and do as I say," the evil one's voice grew more intense and she obeyed. He taught her what clothes to wear and what things to say. "If it is love that you want," he finally sneered, "then I'll give you love of all sorts." And with that, he pushed her out of her shadow.

Heads began to turn and eyes began to stare. Just as he had promised, the evil one sent loves of all kinds - young men with promises all their own. Each time, she was deceived. For they were drawn to her beauty, but with passing time she became less and less beautiful to them and they went away.

And the girl began to believe the evil one's lie...that there was no true love.

Thankfully, her story does not end with a lie.

You see, this young girl did not happen into being by chance. She had a Maker. One who knew her and cherished her. And all those times she thought she was alone and unseen in the shadows, He was there. And as her tears would fall, He would wipe them away and hold her as she cried. For He too, had a plan.

There was one last young man who had discovered the girl's beauty. And in a last ditch effort at love she became fiercely devoted to him. But instead of being scared away, the Maker prompted this young man to do the take her as his bride.

Oh, what bliss! How happy she was! "I have found the truest of loves!" she exclaimed.

But once again, she was deceived...this time by herself.

You see, she had no idea that the truest love could not come from any worldly thing, man, or beast. And as the days and nights wore on, her beauty began to fade. Certain that the young man would love her no more, she began to retreat back into the shadows. When he tried to enter in and rescue her, she would not permit it.

"I have tasted his love and yet my heart aches for more," she cried bitterly. "I want so much more."

Suddenly, she felt a presence in her midst. Her movements froze and she became quite frightened. "Who's there?" she managed.

"I will make you beautiful," the Voice said slowly.

The girl didn't recognize the Voice, yet she felt as if It had spoken to her before. Curious, she asked, "Would You come closer?"

As he stepped toward her, light flooded her shadows and shined so bright that she fell to her knees and covered her eyes. But as she felt Him move near her, she finally remembered that He had always been with her.

Still covering her eyes, but feeling for His hand she asked, "Are You my true love?"

"I am True Love," He answered, "and I will make you beautiful."

"I've never truly been beautiful," the girl admitted, ashamed.

"I know," He said. "But you can be, if you'd only ask.

And with that, the girl fell face down and worshiped the Holy One with gratitude. "Oh Lord," she exclaimed, "please make me beautiful!"

And so He did, He is, and He will.

"Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." - Proverbs 31:30 Pin It Now!


  1. This is a very beautiful story...thank you so much for sharing it. I'm going to print it out and share it with my 11 yo daughter someday.

    That is so great that you've started a Creation Club and that you have so many interested families! It will be such a blessing for you! I'd love to hear updates on how it's going.


  2. This is beautifully written-- just beautiful. And so true-- it echoes my own story and, I am certain, the stories of countless young women who have bought the lie. Thanks for sharing! Glad I found you!

  3. Shanna, What a beautiful illustration of God's redeemimg love. I saw my young self in this story and what a reminder of how the evil one works, but more importantly how powerful and everlasting our Holy Father is! I look forward to reading more of your blog and seeing you at the monthly Creation Club! Dana

  4. Shanna thank you so much for sharing your testimony with vulnerability and grace.
    Your story is one oft repeated, but not always retold so eloquently.....
    I'd like to share it to touch other young girls who will inevitably related to some part of your story. I love how you ended with that Proverb...God's word remains true today, yesterday and forever.
    Tonight I will pray for you and your 'young man' :) and I look forward to joining you on this blogging journey.
    Your sister in Christ,



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