Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're groovy!

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  1. Hey, if squealing is pathetic, don't tell me, 'kay? I squealed too. Well, I did on the inside, the kids were trying to sleep, so I have to keep it held in at night.

    As for comments, I'm right there with you. Since I started blogging daily, I'm seeing more, but I'm apparently not a comment-inducing kinda gal. In fact, I was downright jealous when I saw all the comments left on your OSH giveaway - lol!

    Let's just be pathetic together, if this is what pathetic looks like. :P

  2. Oh, I cheated on the giveaway...I posted on 4 different Yahoo groups that I was hosting a giveaway at my blog. They came flocking in after that!



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