Friday, December 11, 2009

I Love Blue Eyes

Strong eyes. Eyes that laugh and love. That look at me confused. Eyes that forgive. Eyes of my beloved.

Eyes like his daddy's. Eyes that are concerned, curious. Eyes that think they know everything, but have just begun. Nine year old eyes.

Demanding eyes. Eyes that are beautiful, but questions it. Eyes that are looking to see who's looking back. Compassionate eyes. Seven year old eyes.

Laugh out loud eyes. Eyes that surprise me with wit and intelligence. Eyes that will get lost if I don't draw them out. Brave eyes. Six year old eyes.

Passionate eyes. Eyes full of emotions. Eyes that are silly, laughing, adoring one moment and reserved, stubborn, or furious the next. Eyes that are always lovely. Four year old eyes.

Irresistible eyes. Eyes that flirt. That explore. Mischievous eyes. Eyes that always tell the truth. Two year old eyes.

Independent eyes. Eyes that want to know, want to be adored, and wants to do it on her own. Eyes that are wild and free and innocent. One year old eyes.

Cherished eyes. Eyes that wonder and instill wonder all at the same time. Eyes that remind me that there is a God who loves me more than I know. Three month old eyes.

These are the eyes that I love.

Thanks to Rebecca at Renaissance for posting the Foto Friday Challenge: Eyes. Looking forward to participating in more!

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  1. What a neat post, Shanna! I need to check out this meme.

  2. I'm so glad that you joined this week. The pictures turned out really well, but my favorite part was the descriptions that went with the eyes. :)

  3. WOW!! I wish my eyes were that color blue.. WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!

  4. Well hello there! Welcome to the group! So glad you joined us~!

    Your photos are great but the words to go with them were beautiful. Loved all the blue eyes and endearing expressions on each one of your loves.

    Hope you come and join us again in the new year!

  5. Oh, Shanna. This is so beautiful it made me cry.



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