Friday, April 24, 2009

AB Patterns

In Saxon Math Kindergarten we learned about AB patterns. Our little five year olds would link their colored linking cubes together...first blue, then orange, then blue, then orange, and so on. We would explain to them, "You have created an AB pattern. The blue cube is A and the orange cube is B. We can read this pattern like this: blue, orange, blue, orange OR like this: A, B, A, B."

Well, we have our own AB pattern at our house and it goes a little something like this...

8 years ago we were blessed with a handsome boy.

About a year and half later we had a girl.

Then came another boy.

And then we had another girl.

And a boy.

And a girl.

And wouldn't you just know it...the pattern continues! Our newest little one is a BABY BOY! (Do you think I'm aloud to post this picture on a family friendly website?) We're getting very excited about welcoming a new little one in September!

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  1. Congratulations! With your pattern continuing you will still get to reuse all those prescious baby clothes!

  2. Congratulations, Shanna! It was nice to briefly meet you at the convention...wish we'd had a little more time. :)

  3. Ohh congrats!!! I love the way you did that...too cute!!!
    I pray you a very healthy little man in there!! :)
    ::close your eyes kids:: lol

  4. Now that's a dedicated homeschooling mom -- keeping up the pattern just to teach the kids a math lesson! ;0) Congrats! I'm expecting girl #3 in August, so I guess I'm sticking to my pattern too: all girls!

    Sara, your TOS Crewmate

  5. Congratulations!! How cool is that.

  6. AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Congratulations. You have such a beautiful family. Yes, the picture distinctly shows the little turtle with his head poking out of the shell. Good posing, baby!

  7. That's great news, Shanna!
    And the kids pictures are so cute. . .



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