Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Washed in the Water

Our daughter, A7, has been wanting to be baptised for some time now. We wanted to be sure it was her own decision so we waited and discussed it with her for awhile. Once we felt confident that she understood her decision she happily walked forward at church. We're so proud of our children and so happy that God is moving in their hearts at such tender ages.

I have to say, this is the best family photo we've taken in a while. We gave up on attempting professional photos long ago. But I make sure we get group shots any time we're dressed up.

Baby L cheesed it up while we waited out in the lobby of the church. I think even at 10 months she was very aware of her pretty, fluffly dress and that everyone was oohing and awwing over her.
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  1. I didn't realize she was getting baptised! Congratulations.

  2. congrats! What a wonderful, blessed day that must have been!

  3. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

    You're a knock-out, by the way.
    Beautiful family. Precious baptism.

  4. Oh! my son was going to be baptised this weekend. We also waited to be sure the was a full understanding not just following his friends. Sadly with being away at the Midwest Convention we missed talking to the minister and he will have to wait. Big congrats to your daughter.

    God bless
    Heather L



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