Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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Baby sale

Our seventh little one is due on September 14th and we're celebrating with a Countdown to Baby Sale! From now until the day he's born, you will receive 2 FREE ADDITIONAL File Folder Games when you order our Collection 1 CD-ROM for $15 (includes 17 games).

Choose 2 of our 3 NEW file folder games (not included on the CD-ROM ):

Kentucky Trivia FFG

Touchdown Multiplication FFG

Or Busy Buzzing Patterns FFG

But hurry!! Baby #7 could come before, on, or after September 14th and the sale ends the day he is born!


Check out our NEW File Folder Games!

Ky Trivia Header

Touchdown Header

Buzzing Patterns Header

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  1. 27 days until you are due...how are you?? Do you have much to do in preparation for #7? I'm finding I don't have a ton for #5. I have things I want done, but nothing that is a necessity. And, it's better that I'm laid back about it and don't get disappointed in the end! So, are you planning to homeschool through your new baby phase? I've planned to take off a number of weeks, but I'm not sure my kids will let me! I have some prep since we are doing another homebirth, but that shouldn't take long to get together. Similar to packing a hospital bag I guess. I've always been late, too, so when I see I have 5 weeks left, I take that as 7 weeks...ha! Well, just stopped by your blog and thought I'd say hi. You don't have any pregnancy photos of yourself, do you? You should post some! I need to take some updated ones soon. Have a good week and get some rest!

  2. I think we've talked about how you are from Louisville. We are in Fort Wayne, just 1.5 hr north of Indy. I'll look into Connor's Praire, thanks! I'm not giving up on the Indy museum, we'll try again next year. =)



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