Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just a little left to save...

**Please see below for a message from The Old Schoolhouse Store, plus see below for info about their online homeschool conference...I'm really excited about it!**

It's the final hours to save up to 80% on over 230 items in the Schoolhouse Store!You'll discover over 230 quality items on sale in the Schoolhouse Store. It's the start of convention and buying season; why not start with some BIG savings in the Schoolhouse Store?From preschool to high school, you'll find a wide variety of learning resources at discounts up to 80%.Check out the entire selection of sale items!Below are a few examples of items our customers have enjoyed purchasing during March Madness. There is something for every learning style and every subject!

Plus, Win Big is in progress! We're just about 175 customers away from the second winner--there will be three winners in all. Customer #139,000 has already won. Customers #139,500 and #140,000 will win $380 in free gifts. Click here to see the gifts and read the details
Remember, there is always free shipping in the Schoolhouse Store!

Schoolhouse Expo
Preregister through March 31 and save $5!

Homeschool teachers-what do you need to learn? More about teaching multiple grades? All about different homeschool methods? Transcripts? Are you ready for college prep or alternative college options? How are you doing teaching elementary grades? Could you use some help with reading, language arts, math, and more? Are you intimidated by the idea of teaching middle school and high school-those dreaded, advanced courses? Would some encouraging words and motivational Scripture help you on your way? Get answers when you attend The Schoolhouse Expo, presented by The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine and The Old Schoolhouse® Speaker's Bureau. Preregister today for only $19.99, or register April 1 or later for $24.99. But DO register. You do not want to miss this unbelievable, virtual homeschool convention!
Check out the over $300 in free gifts when you register!

Now only $19.95 for the 3-day conference, two preconference sessions with Clay and Sally Clarkson and Malia Russell, over $300 in free gifts, a free 100+ page digital homeschool information supplement, mp3 audios, and chances to win fun door prizes!
Preregister Now! Pin It Now!

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