Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Curriculum Picks

After admitting my failures and anxieties in yesterday's post, I thought I'd try a more positive approach today and share with you the curriculum we've chosen this year.

E3 is enjoying Rod and Staff's simple ABC pre-k set. There are actually seven books total in this curriculum including a Bible story book that I read aloud to him. He colors in the coloring book that accompanies the story book and then does a page from Adventures with Books and Counting with Numbers. We'll start the other books later in the year. As you can see, he la-la-loves to color. It is not uncommon for him to spend the entire 3 hours we spend in the schoolroom each day coloring in his books.

H5 is in Kindergarten/first grade this year. She's halfway through Math K which she will continue, and at the rate she flies through it, I'm expecting her to be finished way before Christmas at which point I will probably start her on Math Mammoth's 1st grade. We're using the Italic series for Handwriting, and Language Arts 1 from Christian Light Education. She's also working her way through Explode the Code 1 & 2. This child is the Workbook Queen. I'm not kidding, I can not give her enough worksheets, so these are all perfect curriculum for her.

E6's independent work is not as extensive. He's my hands-on man and does not do quite as well with a lot of workbooks. He's using Math Mammoth 2nd grade and Explode the Code 3 and 4. His entire English program is based around Explode the Code as I'm using the Teacher's Guide to add in related Language Arts activities. I've also got Beyond the Code to use with him this year.

A8 is using Math Mammoth 3rd grade, Rod and Staff Beginning Wisely, Explode the Code Books 5 & 6, Phonetic Zoo for spelling. She's required to keep a History and Science Notebook, and to read 2 books independently a month. Book reports are due on the 2nd and 4th Fridays.

Silly-faced G9 is using Saxon 5/4, Rod and Staff Beginning Wisely, Explode the Code Books 7 & 8, Phonetic Zoo for spelling. He's also required to keep a History and Science Notebook, and to read 2 books independently a month. Book reports are due on the 2nd and 4th Fridays.

L2 plays in the toy area of the schoolroom during lessons, but also has a desk set up with her own crayons and coloring books. She also frequently plays with our Preschool Activities in a Bag (shown above).

The whole family is enjoying Who is God? published by Apologia, Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day (Jeannie Fulbright also by Apologia), and Story of the World Volume 1.

And even though we didn't get to it last week, our plan is to make Friday our Art and Music Day. We'll be learning to play the xylophone, using a curriculum I bought at the Midwest Homeschool Conference and focusing on an artist and composer of the month.

I'm also hoping to add in a curriculum that I've been wanting to use for a couple of years...both are from Pearables:

Lessons in Responsibility for Boys (for the big boys)

Home Ec (for the big girls)

But I really think the only time we could fit these in would be on Saturday mornings when Daddy could lead the boys and I could teach the girls...oh, to Saturday school or not to Saturday school? Should it really be a question?

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  1. as extensive as your list is....I really feel like it's 'do-able' :)
    That surprised me....because, as I said yesterday...I can hardly fathom 6.5 people needing my attention, knowing how challenging my 3 can be. Now I'm just sounding fatalistic!
    What I mean to say is wise choices momma! And I'm saying a prayer for your year to continue smoothly :D



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