Friday, June 15, 2012

A Shout Out to Local Moms

So, if you are local to Kentucky than surely you have heard about the CHEK conference scheduled on June 22-23.  But perhaps you're wondering if you should attend?

Lucky for you, I have the answer.

YES!  Absolutely, you should be there.

This year CHEK's speaking sessions will feature several tracks for you to choose from:

Children's Track
Teen Track
America's Christian History Track
Heart for Missions Track
Biblical Parenting Track
Practical Homeschooling Track

in addition to the Vendor Hall.

I know that life can hectic with our busy homeschool schedules and once you attend 3, 4, or a dozen or so homeschool conferences it doesn't seem so high on the priority list.  But I'd like to encourage you to move it up. 

While we are homeschooling away, CHEK is an organization that is working on our behalf at the government level to assure our rights to educate our children at home.  If anything, we should attend this conference just to support them since they already support us!

Would you like more vendors and speakers?  Awesome!  So would CHEK!  So here's the deal...YOU can make the difference by attending and making purchases in the Vendor Hall.  Higher attendance this year means more vendors and speakers will be willing to come next year.

And for you out-of-my-state readers that can't worries!  Check this out!  Yes, that is me listed on the Conference Bloggers page.  I'll be posting live updates through Facebook and Blogger during the conference.  Are you excited?!  Because I am!!

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