Friday, October 19, 2012

The Toddler Diaries ~ Fall Craft

 Last week, the toddlers and I decided to try a simple fall craft while the big kids were working in other room.

      First, I traced each of their hands with a brown crayon and encouraged them to color it brown like the branches of a tree and add green grass and a yellow sun.  While they colored, we talked about seasons and I cut a ton of fall colored leaves.
     Equipped with a glue stick and a pile of paper leaves, each child decorated their fall trees.  The 3, 4, and 5 year old could all do this part independently leaving me some time to slip away and check on the big ones.
     E5 was very serious about his picture.  I love how his melancholy nature shines through in his art...he likes straight lines and patterns and order.  A boy after his mama's heart!

Rating: This was a great, simple fall craft!
Time Commitment for Me:  Hardly any.  I just had to get them started by tracing their hands and spent about 5 minutes cutting out leaves.  But we were talking about the seasons and describing Fall while I was cutting, so I just considered that the "teaching time".  Also, I'm sure the 4 and 5 year old could have easily cut their own leaves.
Toddler Time: 20-30 minutes.  E5 and L4 spent more time decorating than L3 did, but he still enjoyed the freedom of using the gluestick by himself.
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  1. You are amazing! Every time I come here and see that list of your kids ages, I am impressed all over again. Cute crafts :) I just gave you an award on my blog...check it out:



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