Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grace and Truth Books

 The first time I heard of Grace & Truth Books, a family owned online Christian bookstore, was about three years ago.  We were struggling with some, *ahem*, character issues with one of our children ...including, but not limited to, lying.  We really wanted to nip this problem and were taking several courses of action.  One thing I thought would be important to do was to include books that dealt with character during our read aloud time.  Someone recommended Grace & Truth Books and we quickly ordered several titles from The Children's Character Building Set.  These books were exactly what I was looking for and I would definitely encourage parents to check this series out!

 So when the opportunity to review a book from Grace & Truth for the Schoolhouse Review Crew came up, I didn't hesitate to accept!  I already knew that Grace & Truth published quality books and quality literature.  I was sent a copy of With the Children on Sundays by Sylvanus Stall.

From the Publisher's Preface...

"'With the Children on Sundays' is as unique as it is wonderful.  It was first published in 1893 as a series of children's sermons and then was brought back into print in 1995.  This new edition is an evidence of the consistent desire to have it available to the Christian public.

Please allow us to walk you through its content and usefulness.  The book is perfectly designed to be a weekly book for family worship, as well as a ready-made Sunday school curriculum for children from the ages of five to eleven.  Each chapter uses an object lesson that teaches biblical truth, as well as wonderful illustrations that can be copied and used for coloring.  Each chapter then closes with a series of questions that can be used to review the contents of the chapter."

Since we are already accustomed to have a time of family worship about three evenings a week, my husband and I looked the book over together and decided that it would perfect to use during that time.  So instead of using this book only on Sundays, we have been using it about three times a week.
With the Children on Sundays first begins with a Preface and chapter on 'Suggestions to Parents'.  These suggestions include how to "play church" at home which is essentially suggestions for a home family worship time.  There are also ideas for how to reinforce the lessons taught in each sermon (chapter) with drawing, playing games, bible drilling and more.   There is even a list of Bible Questions and Answers that would be great to review with your children on a consistent basis. 

There are 52 sermons - or chapters- included in this book, each about five pages long with delightful black and white illustrations.  Each chapter suggests an object that can be used to help illustrate the point of the sermon.  For example, a magnet is used to illustrate how Jesus is the 'great drawing power'.  A child's bank is used to discuss the idea of treasures on earth and in Heaven.

Now my husband will be the first to tell you that he is no planner.  And since he was leading these lessons, he would generally just pick up the book and start reading the sermon once the kids were settled down.  The objects were generally represented with an illustration, but for some of the more unfamiliar items (like a clam, or wormy apple, or anchor), I would find pictures online for the kids to explore.

The wording and stories of With the Children on Sundays will definitely take you back to a different time...over a century ago as a matter of fact....and sometimes that made it difficult for my youngest ones to follow.  But the lessons in each sermon are truly classic, each based on the timeless Word of God.  I think this book truly makes it easy for a parent to lead their children in a time of family worship in the home.

With the Children on Sundays is currently out of print, but Grace & Truth Books has a limited number of copies available for purchase, currently priced at $17.50.  My suggestion would be to grab this book up before it is no longer available.  The Schoolhouse Review Crew is reviewing this other books by Grace & Truth.  Check out the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog for those reviews.

Disclaimer: I have been given the wonderful opportunity to review many homeschool products over the last few years. The only compensation that I receive for my review is the free product. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in review groups and I have enjoyed trying out these products and giving you my honest opinion.
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