Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Pregnancy Journal ~ Week 16

As I'm rushing from one task to another, tripping over clutter and toys, answering endless questions, refereeing the last sibling argument of the day... I mean it, I've had it. Just be nice to one another or at least handle it yourselves...And that's when I feel it.

Two swift movements.  Deep within.  Is that what I think it is?

Two days later.  The presents unwrapped, the clutter hidden away.  I'm sinking down into the first peace of the evening.  A little body snuggles into my side and lays his head on my shoulder...There it is again.

Just a small flutter.

I reach down with one hand and press into the skin of my abdomen.  Searching.  Will my fingertips fill a kick?  A push back in the palm of my hand?  Not yet.  But there is a sure flutter.  Movement inside.

The little one sees my hand and lifts his head. "Is your baby awake?"  he asks, wide-eyed.

"I think so," I smile.

He smiles too and I wonder if there is anything better in life than this.

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  1. Shanna...YOU are a blessing!!!

  2. There is nothing better!! Feeling those first flutters is amazing!!

    You look beautiful!!


  3. I honestly got teary eyed reading your post. Feeling and seeing baby move is such an incredible feeling:)

  4. Such a blessing! It's been so much fun for me with this pregnancy to see my oldest's excitement. He is SO EXCITED and can't wait to meet his new sibling. It's so much fun watching his excitement.



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