Friday, June 19, 2015

Stitch Fix Review- June 2015

 I have some really sweet friends. And one of those sweet friends gave me a seriously fun birthday gift...a gift certificate to Stitch Fix! Have you heard of it?

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is an online styling service and fashion retailer. You pay just $20 for a styling fee that can later be applied to the purchase of your clothes. You are assigned your own personal stylist who will hand pick items just for you according to the answers of a questionnaire and notes from you. The more specific you are with your stylist, the better chance you will get what you want. I highly recommend creating a Pinterest board with your favorite clothing options and sending the link to your stylist! Here's a link to mine. About 3 weeks later, you will receive your Stitch Fix box like this one!...

I suggest keeping an eye on the tracking link that Stitch Fix provides for you. I didn't and sure enough Ms. USPS arrived, saw our 115 lb lab on the front porch, and refused to drop off my package. She left me one of those postal notes that said one word with three explanation marks: "DOG!!!" I mean, I understand...but still, it was my Stitch Fix package and I had to wait until the NEXT day to retrieve it from the post office. *Sigh!*

 Once it was finally in my possession, I opened this beautiful package. Complete with instructions, a note from my stylist, and a postage paid envelope to return any unwanted items.

Like Christmas morning, I quickly unwrapped my items and style card. The style card shows each item my stylist included for me, as well as suggested styling tips. Are you getting the feel for how fun this is, yet?! Seriously, at this point I stopped my unwrapping, called to my 13 year old daughter and said, "Come downstairs now! You're missing ALL THE FUN! My Stitch Fix box is here!!" Of course, in addition to not wanting her to miss the fun...I also need a photographer. So, you know. 

Before you proceed to the photos, I must tell you a couple things. 

This is my first Stitch Fix box. I wasn't properly prepared with lighting and well anything other than a 13 year old operating a camera phone. So the pictures aren't great. I'm going to try to do better next time. And oh yes, there will be a next time.

Secondly, I haven't fully decided on which items I will be keeping. Stitch Fix allows you 3 days to decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back. You even get to apply your $20 styling fee towards the purchase of your items! And if you keep all items from your box, you'll receive an additional 25% off. I'm happy to receive your feedback on which items you think I should keep!

Item #1: Papermoon Clift Crochet Hem Top ($38)

 When I first saw this item in the box, I liked the color but I immediately thought I probably wouldn't keep it. The fabric is not loose or casual, it's definitely a dressier tank. And I didn't care much for the scalloped edge. However, once I put it on I felt comfortable in it. It photographs nicely and I feel it's a flattering style. I can definitely see wearing this often with dark jeans and maybe even to church with a maxi skirt. I think the price is reasonable, so I'm leaning towards keeping this one.

Update: After trying on again, I decided I just didn't care for the stiffer material and couldn't get past the scalloped edge. Sent back.

Item #2: Chambrai Norene Linen Cuffed Short ($64)

 I'm not going to lie, I was disappointed when I first saw these in the box. I don't care much for a lighter color denim, and well the top of these shorts are elastic....elastic!! I'm not a grandma yet, and I'm not currently pregnant... I need a button on my pants! However, once I put them on I discovered grandmas are as wise as they seem. Elastic waistlines are in fact quite comfortable and with a tank or tee you can't see the waist anyway. I think the light denim pairs really nicely with a darker top and I like the length and the cargo style. It's really perfectly me. I've already struggled this year trying to find shorts. I recently went on a 5 hour shopping excursion just to find shorts, only to come home with work out shorts!! It's near impossible to find something between booty shorts and capris. I really like these...but oh, the price! I'm just not sure I can. If they were darker and had a button, no doubt I would buy them.

Update: Out of every item that I received in this Stitch Fix, I was most comfortable in these. I decided not to keep anything else. I think I will wear these a lot and was willing to use my discount to purchase these. Kept.

Item #3: Loveappella Abella Maxi Dress ($78)

 This one is definitely going back. It's all wrong for me. I like the split on the leg and I don't even mind the length. But it clings to my baby tummy, the pattern is too crazy, and it forms a horizontal stripe that is just no good. I've had nine babies...they've widened my hips enough. I don't need a horizontal stripe to emphasize that. Plus the price. Eek.

Update: Sent back.

Item #4: Gili Arisha Striped Dress ($38) 

 I was super excited to try this dress on. The price point is fabulous and I love how interesting the cut is! I think I need to find the right necklace to pair with this, but it is definitely a great summer dress. Light weight, fun. Thin straps but can be paired with a jacket if its cool. The only downside is my daughter and I both felt that it didn't look as well in the photographs as in real life. Nevertheless, I think this one is a keeper.

Update: After trying on again, I just couldn't get over the fact that I felt a little "wide" in this dress. I think the problem was that it gathered a little higher than the most slender part of my waist. A friend told me I should keep what I felt beautiful in :). And in the end, this was not the dress for me. Sent back.

Item #5 Macalla Tiered Bib Necklace ($38)

Bam! Now that's a necklace! Super cute and super fun! But I think just a little too much bling for this mama. Between shuttling kids to drama class, CrossFit, and homeschool, I'm just not sure that I would ever really have a need to wear this necklace. 

Update: Sent back.

Like I said before, I definitely want to give Stitch Fix another go. I'm not sure that my dress-casual style was perfectly nailed here. I like items that are unique and fun or simply functional. The elastic shorts, pattern-crazy dress, and scalloped edging all felt a little "old" to me. But I've heard time and time again, that as your stylist gets to know you the boxes get better! And I can't wait! If you are not a Stitch Fix member, please sign up using my affiliate link! I'll get referral credit when your first box ships and that would be awesome for this frugal mom!
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