Thursday, September 3, 2015

Stitch Fix Box 3

You may remember how I Got My Perfect Stitch Fix Box on Round 2 in July, so I have to tell you, I was pretty excited about the arrival of my 3rd Stitch Fix. It just arrived a couple days ago and I've got pictures to share, but first things first...

First things first...What is Stitch Fix?

 Stitch Fix is an online styling service and fashion retailer. You pay just $20 for a styling fee that can later be applied to the purchase of your clothes. You are assigned your own personal stylist who will hand pick items just for you according to the answers of a questionnaire and notes from you. About 3 weeks later, you will receive your Stitch Fix box which will include instructions, a note from your stylist, and a postage paid envelope to return any unwanted items.

My 3rd Fix

As always the arrival and unwrapping of a Stitch Fix box feels very much like receiving an awesome birthday gift. After all, my stylist hand picked these items for just for me! I also offered some suggestions in a note. I'm afraid I may have confused her though as I did tell her I was going on a business incentive to trip to Hawaii and was looking specifically for items to wear there, especially a dress. And I didn't want sleeveless. And I wanted to be able to wear it more than just on my trip. I think this may have been just too much to ask...

Pixley Maeby Abstract Print Dress $58
This dress is cute and definitely comfortable. The stylist thought it could maybe work for Hawaii and make a good piece for Fall too. I kind of like when I added leggings, a belt, and a jean jacket. But the color and print is just not my style.

Sam Hi-Lo Tee $44
Reese Printed Maxi Skirt $58
Alternatively, she also sent me this maxi skirt that is definitely giving me a beach vibe. And it is by far the softest and most comfortable maxi skirt I've ever worn. Unfortunately, I don't think I have anything that really goes with this skirt. The Sam Hi-lo shirt is cute, but I prefer it with my jeans and boots.

Skies are Blue Venice Sleeveless Cardigan $48
I love layers, but I just have to say, I don't understand sleeveless cardigans. It looks like a vest. And that makes me feel old. And I may not be young, but I am not yet old. So no knitted vests please.

Jayce Woven Fold Over Clutch $38

I wanted to like this clutch, because I actually really need a purse, but it was a little small for my needs.

Of course not every Stitch Fix box will be a complete win, but you just can't beat the easiness of having hand picked items arrive directly to your door to try on. I'm not at all worried about the items I'm not keeping. They will be dropped in the mail tomorrow using the pre-paid package that Stitch fix provides! Couldn't be simpler and I can't wait for my next Fix!

Feel free to try Stitch Fix yourself using my referral link! Thanks so much!! Pin It Now!

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