Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Official Lapbookers

Well, I guess it's official now that the glue is dry....we are lapbookers. The kids are coloring their first minibooks as I type. I think I'll wait to post pictures until the actual lapbooks are complete.

We are using In The Hands of a Child's Dental Health Lapbook. You can find it at the following link:

I really wanted to try lapbooking and I've been looking for a way to teach the kids about proper dental hygiene. I simply don't have time to hover over each and every one of them as they brush their teeth every morning and evening, so I felt it was really time for them to "own" this all themselves. I figured if they could learn the how and why of taking care of their teeth in a hands on way, that maybe it would actually stick with them while they're brushing.

HOAC's lapbook is really exactly what I was looking for. Though I have to admit, it was harder for my littlest ones (ages 4 and 2) than I expected. I knew they would have a hard time grasping some of the concepts, but the time it takes for them to cut and paste is quite a lot as well. I may have to find a way to simplify their minibooks with less complex cuts. Not letting them make their own lapbooks seems out of the question, because they are all so excited about it.

I did find it necessary to add some picture books to the lesson plans as well because of the kids' young ages. I just hosted an Usborne book party and got a TON of free books, so I used Usborne's First Encyclopedia of the Human Body and Going to the Dentist. After reading these to them, I presented the first lesson and they each made their vocabulary booklets.

I think I made the event more stressful than it needed to be, but I am pretty certain that only has to do with my constant level of stress now that I am within only about three weeks of D-Day (due day). I did enjoy listening to this little discussion...

"What if the President sees our lapbooks?" A6

"I hope he doesn't because my lines aren't cut very straight." G7

This conversation took place after I stressed the importance of making these projects the best they can be because we will display them for people to see. I'm not sure who gave them the impression that we run in social circles with the president! Pin It Now!

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