Friday, June 5, 2009

I think we got his good side.

Isn't this photo amazing?! It's our little one...taken today at 25 weeks!

We've had an "area" on the placenta that has the ultrasound technician and OB slightly confused. It's just a little bump actually that doesn't seem to be effecting Baby's growth at all, but is still there. The benefit of the "bump" is that I got to watch nearly 30 minutes of live video of our little one today at an ultrasound specialist. The results were its just a placental cyst which is nothing at all to be concerned about. Big praise!

We got some really neat pictures...close up of his little chin and mouth shaped like an "o"...I got to count his toes (five on one foot...good sign!)...but the best part was when she switched to the 4d ultrasound and took the above picture. It was so clear. I think he looks like Baby L (soon to be L1, by the way, in just a few days). Pin It Now!


  1. precious picture!! glad all is well!!

  2. Oh, that is beautiful! I owe you an email! I haven't been ignoring your last one, but our similarities were so exciting, I wanted to sit down and have a chatty email....but I haven't had time! I'll share a link soon.

  3. how fantastic that you didn't have go and hire someone to take those gorgeous shots!
    What a blessing in disguise your little cyst may have been!
    Either way I'm praising God for you health and the 'wholeness' of this child :D

  4. wow, who could ever say that was not life right there?!!!
    How precious!! CONGRATS!!



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