Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer School Update

We're well into our second week of our new school year around here and so far all is good. We're getting a lot accomplished and its really nice to know that we won't fall behind when the baby is born.

I considered and reconsidered what curriculum we would use this year. I enjoy hand-picking each subject for each child and planning it all myself including lots of unit studies, but finally decided that I really just needed to keep things as simple as possible with one main curriculum. We chose My Father's World and went with their Adventures program for 2nd-3rd grades. E5 (1st grade) and H4 (preK/K) also participate in this along with G8 (3rd grade) and A7 (2nd grade).

MFW includes lessons for Bible, History, Science, Reading, Art, and Music. Language Arts/Spelling and Math are done separately according to the kids' grade levels. We're still using Math Mammoth for the two oldest and Critical Thinking for E5.

I'm also using the MFW Kindergarten program with H4 and 1st grade program with E5.

H5 has been learning about the 7 Days of Creation and creating some really cute artwork for her Bible binder...

E5 has been reviewing his letters and creating a "scroll" of his neatest handwriting...

We just finished reading about Columbus as the Adventures program focuses on American History. Today we made the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria (plus a couple more boats...what can I say? I have more kids than that) out of aluminum foil and paper towels...

We also studied about air today and held a paper race using only the wind from fanning books...

E2 got in on the fun too...
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  1. I am expecting #5 in September. I have enjoyed flipping through your past posts about your homeschool schedule and some things you do with your preschoolers. Oh, and your babywearing experience, which I just experienced last fall when my youngest was 6 month and made my own wrap, too (and now I sell them along with slings, diaper bags and taggy blankets)! I am currently trying to plan for next year's homeschool knowing a new baby will put us behind, too. Funny, I have been leaning toward Adventures in MFW, too! I still have about 6 other curriculums I am researching, but so far find MFW the most attainable for this next year. My children are 6 (but entering 2nd grade), 4.5 (starting K), 3 and 14 months. We'll be starting school in July once I decided on and received all my curriculum. So far we are using All About Spelling, First Language Lessons, Horizons math, character training that I've put together, read alouds from many different resources like Ambleside Online, Sonlight and MFW, and science and history are up in the air right now. Just wanted to tell you I've enjoyed your posts and plan to keep up with your lovely family...if you don't mind!!

  2. I've really enjoyed your last few posts on getting organized with the school room and toys! It has inspired me. I also am starting school this summer for DD age 7 since we're expecting Baby Girl #3 in August. I really love the looks of MFW and have heard good things about it. When the two youngest are school-age, I may switch to that since they'll only be 2 years apart. Right now we're using Heart of Dakota and we're enjoying it a lot. Great combination of Charlotte Mason, unit study, and FIAR-type lit approach.

  3. Sara, I have looked at Heart of Dekota. I already own the ABC Bible Verses book and incorporate it into our homeschool already. Great book!

    Shanna, I do not have a website. I just keep them on hand in my trunk in case people stop me at the zoo or park, which happened often last year when I had a newborn. I sold at a few bazaars last year, too. A friend of mine just moved to MI and I'm sending some her way since she has a newborn and people ask her all the time where to get them. It's a casual business that started with me making baby blankets, slings and diaper bags for my friends when they had a new baby. So many people at my church were asking, so I had to have more on hand! If anyone is interested I can send photos of what I have made and a few fabrics I can make up quickly. Really I just want to educate people about babywearing when it comes to the slings and wraps and sell them much cheaper than online. The nursing blankets I sell are much larger than any receiving blanket you can buy and I've swaddled my babies until they were almost one in them. The diaper bags are just fun for me and I started out a pattern to accommodate toting 3 and 4 kids around with multiple sippy cups and cloth diapers. The taggy blankets started because I didn't want to pay $15 to buy one! If you are interested, I can send some pictures. Otherwise, I plan to post more of my future sewing adventures. =)



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