Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Weigh In- Workout DVDs

     Workout videos are an inexpensive and great way to ease into working out while still in the comfort of your own home.  They are also a great way to get your kids involved.  Last school year, we would often pop in a workout dvd after lunch to get P.E. in for the day.  The kids loved the break from bookwork and so did I!

Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds videos were perfect for me as I first started working out and the kids enjoyed doing these right along with me.  She uses just 4 or so basic steps: walk in place, side to side, kick backs, etc.  The above video has 4 different walks from ranging in distance from 1 to 4 miles.  That's right, you can walk 4 miles without leaving your living room! 

The Biggest Loser Power Walk dvd is another workout that ticks away the time in miles.  Yes, we are Biggest Loser junkies around here.  We've caught up with every season thanks to Instant Netflix.  I also like Jillian Michaels dvds to work up a good sweat and feel good about my workout...that being said, I usually do these by myself.  The sports bras and occasional coarse language on Jillian's dvds are not something I want my children privy to.

GyMathics is a cool dvd that combines education (grade 1-4 or so math facts) with exercise.  This is really fun to do with the kids and I even used it in a co-op class with 2nd-4th graders.

Another thing you should consider is that Netflix has many workout dvds.  There are a limited number (and they are pretty generic) of workouts available on their instant program, but lots of the big name workouts are available to get through their mail program, including the Biggest Loser workouts and Leslie Sansone videos.  You can rent a dvd, keep it until you are bored with it, return it, and get a new one!

TUESDAY WEIGH IN:  So, I didn't get a workout with hubby every night last week, but we did do a couple.  Plus I did some running and even weaseled a friend into joining me in my Wednesday spin class (which I  L.O.V.E!!!)  It's also a good week for me on the scales because I'm weighing in on low side of my 5 lb range that I tend to stick in.  Still hoping to bust through it soon!

How about you?  Join me for a Tuesday Weigh In by posting on your blog and linking up below.  Share your updates and/or healthy lifestyle tips and I would love it if you would link back to my blog.  You can even grab the Tuesday Weigh In button from my sidebar.  Have a blessed week!

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