Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Week 3

Week 3 is officially coming to a close and it feels as though we've hardly started at all.  We are tumbling through these first few weeks of the school year at lightening speed.  In all honesty, I am feeling a little overwhelmed.  Is there any other job in the world where one jumps back and forth more between "Am I doing enough?" and "Am I doing too much?"  I think not.  The homeschool moms win the prize for that one. 

Our week started with a birthday celebration.  Four birthday celebrations actually.  This month we were celebrating my grandma, stepfather, sister, and niece's birthdays.  J1 and my niece, S1, were born 3 months a part and even though we had already celebrated J1's birthday in May, we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to give them each their own personal cake and let them go at it.  They looked like twins...absolutely adorable twins of course.  Notice L4 being a little Mama to that little bittie...yeah she's my newest niece.  We do cute well in my family. :)

We've continued to do our "co-op" with our friends.  It's been amazing having the opportunity to do school with these two families twice a week.  We start each of our co-op days gathered around in the living room.  Our kids share prayer requests, we pray, and then say the pledge.  What a sweet time! 

My big boys have rediscovered a fun toy that had been buried (unopened) deep in their closet.  Snap Circuits can be put together several different ways to perform different operations.  They spent hours meticulously following the directions to make the Snap Circuits make sounds, lights, and more.  We will definitely be buying more of these kits in the future!

I'm so proud of my E5 (grade K) and L4 (grade preK).  They have been working diligently each day on their new lessons.  It's always fun to teach these ages.  They are just so excited and ready to learn. 

Next week I'll be participating in the Back to Homeschool Blog Hop.  Looking forward to a fun week of inspiration from several homeschool blogging mamas!  Hope you'll join me!

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