Friday, February 13, 2009

Alphabet Notebook

I'm pretty sure H3's favorite part of homeschool is on Friday when we add a new page to her Alphabet Notebook. She also loves to show her book off to family members and friends and occasionally takes it off the shelf just to look at it herself. The idea and almost everything we include in the book comes from Homeschool Share.
My favorite part about the 'A' page is going through her mini book of 'Things that start with A' booklet and hearing H3 say 'astronaut'. It's too cute.

We just so happened to have some cute bear patterned fabric for this page.

The site suggested use cornmeal for the textured C, but I only had an oatmeal....I know, it doesn't begin with a C, but it was fun anyway.

The D is made from denim...yup, that one begins with the featured letter!

H3 practiced writing her E's.

This one was really fun. We traced H3's foot for her foot book and decorated 'Four, Fat, Funny Fish'.

An accordion book features G words.

A pretty picture of H3 on the H page.

Yes, that's chicken pox all over the letter I. Why? Because he 'itches', of course. The site suggested dabbing the red dots with calamine lotion, but we didn't have any...does that make me a bad mother?

The Jack and Jill puppets were a HUGE hit!

And finally the K page...we've done a few more pages since I last took pictures of's a work in progress but has really helped to reinforce the letters we're learning.

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  1. What an excellent fun!!

  2. This looks great! My little one did this lapbook at the beginning of the school year for alphabet review and loved it :)

  3. What a great idea. My son loves to do lapbooks but they usually take so much time that we only do about one a month. We could do a page a week though, with a couple little books. I'm going to borrow this idea from you!

  4. I LOVE this! Is that just construction paper? I want to do this!

  5. Great idea! My 3YO would love this.



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