Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easter Freebies and Ideas

I opened my emails last night to find that The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is giving away some great Easter Freebies.

Three freebies, as a matter of fact:

The Real Easter Story: An In-Depth Study for the Whole Family,
The Real Easter Story: Copywork for the Whole Family,
Easter Place Cards

I downloaded mine last night and I'm getting excited about preparing a week long unit on Easter.
Here's the link from TOS to the great freebies for YOU!:

Cindy from Our Journey Westward shares some great Easter links as well including this link for how to make Ressurection Rolls. It's a really simple and cute idea.

Another link is free Easter lesson plans for a week that also has a great idea to give your children Easter baskets that emphasize Jesus. Here are directions from the site:

Place in this basket a card and the following items. Write on the card the meaning of each item:

A Lamb: This represents the Lamb of God who came to take away our sin.

In a plastic egg: Jelly Beans that are the following colors:

black : Stands for the darkness of our lives before Jesus when we were still in sin
red: Stands for Jesus shed blood
white: Stands for our sins that are washed away
yellow: Stands for streets of gold in heaven
green: Stands for growing in Jesus

Bookmarks or story books from the Bible Book Store that represent the story of Easter.

Rock candy to represent the stone that was rolled away.

Chocolate coins to remind us of the 30 pieces of silver.

An empty plastic egg in their basket and with a marking pen write "He is Risen" on the outside. The egg is empty for the "Empty Tomb."
-J.Brown, 1997
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  1. I just made out my Easter week plans last night. I always LOVE this week of remembrance and celebration with my children. We end up doing the same things year after year, but they make wonderful and meaningful memories!

    Happy celebrating at your house!



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