Monday, March 30, 2009

Mathmatical Reasoning

As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I have been given the wonderful opportunity to review many homeschool products over the next several months. I feel truly blessed to be participating in this review group and I'm looking forward to trying out the products and giving you my honest opinion.

My first year with the TOS Homeschool Review Crew is nearing an end with only a handful of products left to review. It has been a lot of work, but SUCH a blessing to us this year for many reasons. One of the unexpected blessings was the way God provided for our very specific homeschool needs through the Crew.

By January I had abandoned the Kindergarten math curriculum we had decided to use with E5. It had worked for our oldest two, but was just too teacher intensive now that I had so many to homeschool in a day. I was using a more 'living math' approach with E5, trying to work math into our daily living and even using math dvds. This was fine, but E5 was asking to do more math. I had decided I could try to find a simple math workbook for him to use a couple of days a week. My search was short-lived, however,when wouldn't you know it....a complete Kindergarten math curriculum workbook showed up on my doorstep to review!

The Critical Thinking Co. is a company committed to creating curriculum that teach children to become critical thinkers. This gives them the ability to figure out any problem...not just the ones they've memorized. They offer core curriculum in Reasoning/Problem Solving, Language Arts, Mathematics,and Science for grades Pre-K through 6th grade.

I received Mathematical Reasoning Level A for Kindergarten and E5 has been begging to do math every day since I showed him this colorful workbook. Each page is in full color and the book covers so many topics such as addition, calendar, coins, fractions, odd/even numbers, subtraction, shapes, patterns, and more.

Mathematical Reasoning uses a spiral approach to teaching math which means once your child is introduced to a concept, it will be revisited again and again throughout the book. E5 does a few pages each day and is moving quite quickly through the book. I really think this is perfect for Kindergarten math because it is simple but thorough. Plus the book just looks fun...which is appealing to E5.

Mathematical Reasoning is a consumable workbook, but we have enjoyed using it so much that I plan to purchase a second copy for my pre-schooler for next year. It is $32.99 and can be purchased through the Critical Thinking website. You'll also find more reviews at the TOS Crew Blog. Pin It Now!

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