Monday, March 16, 2009

Two by Two


The account of Noah and the Ark seems to be known and loved by all children regardless of religious heritage. Truly, who cannot be fascinated by the miracle of pairs of all of the animals of the world gathering together in one boat constructed by one faithful man? What child cannot relate to the fear of pounding rain and booming thunder? And finally, who will not delight in the protection and provision of a just God who loves mercifully and gives a promise?

Tales of Glory have created a fun toy to remind your children of this beautiful Bible story. It comes complete with a large ark that opens to store 15 figurines (Noah and seven pairs of animals). One aspect of Tales of Glory that I have been quite impressed by in the past is the incredible durability of their toys. I was a little surprised that the ark did not quite measure up to my expectations. I'm waiting for the drop to the hard floor or the attempt to use the ark as a stepping stool by the preschooler that will surely crack the poor boat, but I will admit it has held up thus far. Also, I have to say that I was quite impressed that the ark actually floats - which totally adds points to its fun factor.

Noah and his 14 animals are definitely durable though...and adorable. They are made from PVC. And don't be fooled when I say seven pairs of animals because they are not exactly alike. This Noah's Ark set comes with a male and a female version (don't just looks more girly!) of each of the following animals: elephants, lions, donkeys, sheep, camels, ostrich,and monkeys. Their cartoon like expressions give them a colorful and fun appeal.

My girls (7 & 3) have especially enjoyed playing with the Tales of Glory Noah's Ark Set as they seem to be more interested in "pretend play" than my boys...well, at least they are more interested in "pretend play" that doesn't necessarily involve sword fighting. The Noah's Ark set can be purchased for $29.99 from the Tales of Glory website. This is a little more than I generally like to spend on a toy set with lots of pieces that can so easily be lost, but I'm always willing to spend a little extra when buying from a company like Tales of Glory who are committed to creating quality children's toys with purpose.

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