Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tales of Glory Nativity Set

A few years ago I purchased a miniature nativity set for the kids to play with during the Christmas season. Unfortunately, when I got it home it was much smaller than I had anticipated and was also ceramic....uh, yeah that didn't work. I don't think there is one piece of that nativity that is now in one piece.

Fortunately for me, I received an early Christmas present from One 2 Believe a couple of weeks ago and I now have exactly what I was looking for in a kid's nativity set. The Tales of Glory Nativity Set includes 17 PVC pieces (Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus in manger, King #1, King #2, King #3, Angel #1, Angel #2, Shepherd #1, Shepherd #2, male camel, male donkey, male sheep, female sheep, stable, tree, and a barrel of hay) plus a mini book that tells the story of Jesus. This set is the perfect size for my little ones and retails for $24.99.

You'll want to note that this is not a toy for children under age three. There are small pieces that could come off, though we've had no problem with this after several playtimes. PVC can also be hazardous for those teethers and toy chewers, so carefully monitor the youngest of your brood. I also found that the included story of Jesus was quite lacking in content. The story ends before mentioning the wise men, which really bothered the kids because they wanted to act out the story as I read it.

Overall, I really liked this cute nativity. I was drawn to the cartoon-like comical figures. I look forward to watching my kids play with this each holiday and I am certain it will be included in our early Christmas morning tradition of reading Luke 2.

If you like the Tales of Glory Nativity Set, you'll probably like the other toys offered by One 2 Believe. They state their their "passion is to help children learn important Bible lessons and to have them come to faith in Jesus. (Their) goal is to provide fun ways of teaching children about the greatest people who ever lived". They are challenging parents to "take back" their children's toy box for the glory of God.

If you'd like to read more reviews, head over to the TOS Crew blog.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have a 2 1/2 year old and last year we were searching for a good nativity set for someone so young. We found a great one too in the Little People Nativity Set. When you put the angel on top of the manager, it actually plays music...Away in a Manager. My girlfriend just told me that they've expanded into a whole big set that now includes the three wise men and tents, etc. You can check out more at Fisher



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