Friday, November 14, 2008

Amusing Mathematics

As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I have been given the wonderful opportunity to review many homeschool products over the next several months. I feel truly blessed to be participating in this review group and I'm looking forward to trying out the products and giving you my honest opinion.

When I first found out I would be reviewing the November Planner Module: Amusing Mathematics from TOS, I thought, "Oh, G7 likes math. He'll love this." I wasn't fact, I was a bit surprised.

You see, Amusing Mathematics isn't just for the math lover. Possibly more importantly, this ebook is for the student who really doesn't like math. TOS has put together 48 pages of FUN math!

I'm talking...
Math riddles and tricks to amaze your friends,
printable pattern blocks and tangrams,
multiplication help,
copywork of math rhymes,
coloring pages,
links to fun math sites,
and more!

Now you may be wondering what exactly a Planner Module is. Well, remember the TOS Planner that I reviewed a couple of months ago? The Old Schoolhouse magazine has designed the planner modules to accompany this planner. Each month a new themed module is released. (July was "All About Inventors" and August was "Celebrate the Holidays"). These modules can stand alone, so you don't need to purchase the planner in order to enjoy them.

So why not give Little Johnny a break from another textbook math lesson today? Remind your child that math can be fun with Amusing Mathematics! You can purchase Amusing Mathematics from TOS for $7.95 and you'll receive it immediately as a download in your account upon checkout.

Don't forget you can read more reviews of this product at the TOS Homeschool Crew blog. Pin It Now!

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