Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I just wanted to let everyone know I'm still here. I feel like my blog has turned into a walking advertisement as all I seem to be posting are reviews...by the way, I have another one coming tonight (it was due yesterday!), but I'll have a giveaway with it as well. Fun!

Actually, I've just managed to overwhelm my schedule to the breaking point and haven't been able to find the time to post.

What have I been doing, you ask?

Well, last week was the last week of our co-op and we had our Dessert and Display Night.

We also ended the Creative Memories fundraiser I had been organizing with a Mom's Night Out Scrapbooking event (again, that I had organized, set up, cooked food for, brought 10 boxes of inventory for, etc., etc.)

I am in the process of reviewing so many products I cannot even think of them all to count them (very cool that I get all the free stuff...but a bit overwhelming).

We are still dealing with our realtor and the fact that the only people that look at houses call at 11:30 in the middle of my homeschool day and want to see the house at 2 in the afternoon. (Really, it just happened last Friday.)

I'm now organizing our homeschool group's Christmas party plus planning to teach two classes next semester at co-op.

I'm attempting to get hand sewn Christmas projects done.

I just finished a chapter submission last night for an ebook that I am trying to get published in. (I'll let you know if my chapter is chosen.)

And, oh yeah, I have six kids and I homeschool.

Okay, I think I'm done venting. I have to get back to actually doing...I really hope Chad doesn't come home today and ask, "So, what did you do today?" Pin It Now!


  1. {{{{{hugs}}}}}}

    This list is crazy, isn't it? I love it, but I want to take a moment to catch my breath!

    I love the addendum..."And, oh yeah, I have six kids and I homeschool." Hilarious.

  2. your selling your house??!! where you moving to? you get the best mommy and woman award!! i couldnt do all that!! :)

  3. I've wondered where you were. I've lifted up a quick prayer for you. I know how crazy these seasons of life can be (um, because I'm usually in the middle of the same season!!)


  4. Wow - I somehow missed the selling-the-house part! You ARE Superwoman!

  5. Juggling. That is the way I have put it since child #3. Before #3, if I juggled with my every bit of energy and never sat down, I could do it all. But of course I took some breaks and had some balls on the floor now and then. I even did Mary Kay. #3 came and no matter how late I stayed up and worked, there were always some balls on the floor. I had to give MK up. Now, I do not even have a baby, and I am having to give up co-op, and need to seriously be slower to do such things as Pampered Chef. It went great, but I did more than I should have and got behind. Ultimately, I understand. Do not forget to pray hard on what you should and should not do. I could not keep up all you are. Maybe it is b/c I have middle school boys too. Not so easy to combine all classes. But what I do know is you can do all God has for you to do... so there can be peace. I will pray for you! You never know, those cool free things may need to go. You may already have all you need. Do I sound like I am talking from experience here? Come see my inventory. Too much. It's good, but I can't get to it all! Love ya!!!



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