Monday, November 3, 2008

G7's Decision

At our house we often talk about the free gift of salvation that God offers us. Our children have all prayed to accept Jesus into their hearts since...well, since they were old enough to pray. But we want to make sure that they truly understand what this means and that the decision to follow Christ is purely their own. So we revisit this topic often.

We also believe that once this decision is made that it should be demonstrated publicly in baptism. Our church recommends that children be eight years of age before being baptized during service. G7 has been talking about getting baptized for quite some time now and this weekend he decided to walk forward at church. He will turn eight on Thanksgiving Day and then will be baptized the following Sunday. We are all so excited for him!

Here is G7 in 'big church' with me. Chad took all of the other kids to the cry room. They are usually all in Sunday school classes, but we wanted them to see G7 walk forward. He was so big, listening to the sermon and taking notes.

I just kept trying to hold myself together. It's just so amazing that we're here. I remember holding him in that sanctuary when he was less than a week old. I remember dedicating him to the Lord on the steps in front of the congregation. And now, I am holding his hand as he walks down that aisle to show to everyone that our God is his God. I gave him to God not that long ago and now he's giving himself to God. We are so blessed and God is so faithful.

This is G7 with his Decision Guide. When someone walks forward at our church, they are met by a Decision Guide. This volunteer talks to that person about the steps of salvation, about becoming a member of the church, or whatever they need. He talked to and prayed with G7. He gave him a folder and book and pen (G7 was especially excited about having his own cool pen). And he took G7 to the baptistry so he could feel the water. G7 will also take a series of classes called What We Believe to help him grow in his new walk with Jesus.

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  1. I don't know if I've ever come out of the shadows to comment, but beautiful, wonderful, fantastic!
    I'm speechless!
    The smile of a man of God is such a gift!
    May he rise up and praise you- faithful momma!

  2. I am absolutely thrilled for Gavin. He is such a big young man. I know you all have done a wonderful job with your children and I am excited to see your work doesn't go unseen. Tell Gav we are so happy for him.

    Mrs. Koenig

  3. That is beautiful! Oh, I needed to hear some beautiful news tonight! Thank you! God Bless your beautiful family!



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