Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Smiles

You know, I could be in the foulest mood and still when a baby smiles, it's just impossible to not smile back.

Baby L has just started smiling in response to us and making sweet baby coos. It's such a relief to see him hitting his milestones and making progress. I mention in our last update that he was having reflux issues. We've been thickening his bottle feeds even more which seems to keep him from doing a lot of spitting up anymore. However he tends to be rather fussy after he eats which is a big indicator that he's still refluxing even though we're not seeing it.

He had his first official visit with the physical therapist as well. She noticed that he seems to be looking mostly to his right and seems to be unable/doesn't want to look or roll to his left. She said that some babies will tend to favor one side if they have had brain bleeds so that could be the issue. But it is just as likely that he simply has a stiff neck because we mainly hold and feed him on our left which forces him to often look towards the right at us. I mostly hold him on my left because I am right handed and it keeps that hand free to do other things. So basically right now our goal is to get him looking and rolling towards the left more.

Once again, this is just a huge praise because they are such small issues. I keep thinking that probably many of our babies had issues like this but we just didn't notice because we weren't on pins and needles looking for them.

I love this picture...such a flirty smile! Pin It Now!


  1. What a cutie pie! I had a lot of reflux issues with my 3rd baby, that I never had with the 1st two. It all settled down eventually. Have a blessed weekend & enjoy that sweet baby!

  2. So, what was the connection with brain bleeds and favoring one side? I just assumed it was a tonal issue... Myra favors her right side also and her head is starting to shift because of it. If we try to sleep her on her left, she wakes and tries to roll back to her right, so we tend to just lay her on her right so she will sleep. I have to force her to look to her left to nurse on my right side, too. We don't meet with the therapist for another what are they doing with L to help? I'd like some resources now to help before her head really warps!

  3. The grass is greener on the other side. My daughter's reflux issues were fixed with surgery which causes gas issues that aren't fun. =) Is your son on anything like Zantac or Prilosec? Those helped my other reflux babies a ton! Supposedly gripe water helps, too.

  4. Such wonderful blessings, baby's smiles!!! He is beautiful. Praying that the reflex improves and that he learns to love his left.

  5. Thanks for the info on the wrap. I actually discovered the wrap a year ago with my 4th child and have been using a sling since baby #3. I personally love the sling, but I haven't gotten much practice with the wrap with a newborn. I discovered the wrap when Boo Boo was 4/5 months old, so I'm sure it's lots different with a little tiny baby. I get my instructions from I'll have to look up the infant holds soon. Thanks for reminding me. I actually sell wraps and slings now. =)



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