Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Look Back at 2012 ~ Part 2

A continuation of yesterday's post, A Look Back At 2012.  Today will feature April- June.


 In April, I celebrated my 30th birthday.  Here my stepmom, Sharon and I, pose before heading out to dinner with friends.

 It was a fun girl's night at a local hibachi grill.

 Chad ordered a knitting cake for me.

 It was quite a blessing to share this fun night with sweet friends.

 After months of training the day finally came to put my training to the test.  Race day!

 G11 signed an encouraging note for me on a race sign at the Racing Expo.

 It took 3 hours, but I crossed the finish line!

 My racing partner, Courtney and her sister ran too.  Courtney and I ran together.


 J1's first birthday.

 In May, A10 and H6 completed their year long P31 Mother/Daughter Bible Study.

 They recited all of Proverbs 31 from memory.

 Each girl was posed in a bridal gown and we created these Bride magazine covers for them.

 Our family also took a trip to Conner Prairie living history museum, one of our favorite family day activities.

 The boys favorite activity is the Tomahawk throwing.
 E5 enjoyed the scientific exhibits inside the museum.

 With the weather warming up, we took the opportunity to do some hiking with friends at Otter Creek.

 L2 with his best buddy.

 We also enjoyed hiking and playing at Bernheim Forest.

 Chad and I also took a day hike to the top of Natural Bridge at Red River Gorge and did some canoeing nearby.

 Our four oldest boys also had the opportunity to participate as extras in a movie shoot.  The catch?  They had to shave their heads completely bald!

 Since no girls showed up to shave their heads, L2 donned a pink robe and flower headband.  With as many sisters as he has, he didn't mind or even notice!

 H6 turned H7.  We went to the mall where we found this 'Pupcake' shirt.  It was special since that was the nickname her Peepaw gave her.

She also got to spend the day with a sweet friend!

 Our little princess, L4 had her birthday in June.

 We went back to the tea parlor for some girly Mommy/Daughter time.  These little girls had no choice but to be best buddies since Jeni and I are such good friends.

 It really doesn't get cuter than this!

 Our June celebrations continued with a baby shower for my sister.

 And our brave friends survived the 4-day invasion of our kids...that's because they watched them while Chad and I had a wonderful anniversary trip!
 We celebrated our 13th anniversary with a weekend of white-water rafting and hiking in the Smoky Mountains.

 We saw beautiful sites and even historical sites while on a guided nature hike.

 We even tasted some of that nature!

To be continued...

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