Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Look Back at 2012 ~ Part 1

As oft we do on New Year's Eve, I spent some time reflecting on the 2012 year and looking through pictures.  Since I have long abandoned my hope to have bookshelves lines with lovingly made scrapbooks, I have decided instead to record my 2012 memories here.  I have to warn you, these posts will be heavy on the pics...so much in fact that I am going to divide this series into four parts.

In January, I worked busily to finish up the onslaught of crochet orders that I received during the months of November and December.  Here, Josiah is modeling one of the frog hat/diaper covers that I made.

My good friend, Courtney and I, ran our first 5K race together.  It was my first 5K race at all and was a great accomplishment!

We also began training for KDF Mini-Marathon, which included 7:30am long runs in freezing temperatures each Saturday.  (Which is why I have a picture of my hat above with covered in frozen sweat!)

Our big boy, E5 celebrated his birthday with a trip to a local gym center and some yummy dinner! 

We also made the decision to adopt a puppy from our neighbor's litter, though he wasn't quite big enough to bring to our home yet.


 Chad began a new job in February and we were incredibly excited about it!  It's been a great blessing to our family this year.  He also got to take A10 and H6 to a Father/Daughter Dance with their P31 Bible Study group.

 Our kids continued to participate in Beginner Bible Bowl at church.  Here are some of our boys celebrating a win with their team.

 A10 celebrated her birthday at a dress-up tea parlor with friends.

 Sisters. :)


 We also finally welcomed Gideon to our home.

 He fit right in!


In March we enjoyed a zoo field trip with friends.

 Chad was away much of March training for his new job, so my grandmother joined the kids and I to a trip to the theater to see Mary Poppins.  It was terrific!

 My best friend from high school and I met up for the grand opening, midnight showing of The Hunger Games.  Yeah, we still act like kids sometimes.

 March was a big month for racing as I completed three races for the Triple Crown Series in our town.  First up was a 5K.

 Then came a 10K.

 And finally, the morning of my 10 Miler.

 Here I am at about 9.5 miles.

 The finish line was in a stadium.  I had just spotted Chad and the kids in the stands and had been waving to them.

 Post race.  It was simply amazing and I couldn't stop praising God for how far he had taken me on the journey toward health and fitness.

 Chad's birthday wish was for us and a few awesome and loyal friends to do a 13.75 mile hike.  It was muddy.  It was difficult.  And it was a blast!

Did I mention it was muddy?

To be continued...
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