Friday, March 1, 2013

Clutter Crushing ~ The Medicine Cabinet

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Recently I pinned this and promised myself I would do it.  You see, I had a problem...a very messy problem...  
 That is the chaos of my medicine cabinet.  This cabinet is located in my kitchen (high up, to reduce the chance of a small child ever rummaging through it, you know.)  It was a sincere mess.  I honestly have organized it before, but I am one lone traveler in my home.  One lone traveler trying to fight against the clutter and disorganization and I am competing against NINE other messy travelers who collect clutter and see no value in the organized life.


I am attacking several areas of the home that have become seriously and overwhelmingly cluttered and chaotic.  And I'll be sharing my journey and progress with you.  It starts with the medicine cabinet...

 As the pin indicated, I needed to purchase this Pull-Down Spice Rack from Rubbermaid.  But when I looked for it on Amazon it was $25.  Now, I thought this was a somewhat hefty price tag, but I was willing to make the purchase to organize my cabinet when I felt like we had $25 in the budget to do so.  However, yesterday I took a trip to Lowes Home Improvement Store to pick up a few items I needed for a weekend project and wouldn't you just know it?...right there on the shelf was my spice rack...the last one and only $16 and some change.  I snatched that baby right up.

A quick install and about 20 minutes of sorting, throwing away, and putting back in...

 Oh, the beauty of organization!

Ooh-la-la! So fancy!!

Woe to the traveler who dares to haphazardly place a vitamin bottle in my cabinet again.

Stay tuned for more clutter-fighting and room makeovers to come!

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