Saturday, March 16, 2013

Clutter Crushing ~ The Shoe Closet

     Once upon a time there was a Mama with many children. Early in the morning they would all rise to begin their day. Inevitably, at some point, the mama and her children would need to run an errand.

     "Load up into the van!" Mama's voice would ring throughout the house.

      A chorus of replies would quickly follow from her many children...

      "I can't find my shoes!" 
       "Mom, where are my shoes?" 

      "Can I just wear one shoe?"
      An hour later they would all load into the van. Some had shoes. Some did not.

     But Mama had a solution. There was a coat closet right next to the front door and Mama instituted a punishable-by-death-if-not-followed rule: When entering the house all children must immediately remove shoes and place them in the shoe closet.

     For the most part this worked, but there was still a problem.  Did I mention that this Mama had many children?
     You maybe couldn't tell by looking at the coats hanging in the coat closet.

     But that was only because Mama's many children couldn't manage to keep their many coats hung up and they were all thrown on top of the many, many shoes that piled up at the bottom of the closet.  This meant that when Mama yelled, "It's time to load up into the van!"

     She still heard...

       "I can't find my shoes!" 
       "Mom, where are my shoes?" 

      "Can I just wear one shoe?"

     Surely a solution could be found.  With the help of a brave knight named Daddy, Mama searched high and low and found a shelving system meant for garage storage.  The knight and his squires quickly put it together and within the hour all was well in the kingdom again...


     And they all lived happily ever after!

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  1. I saw this from facebook and forgot to make it over to comment. I truly love this. We lose 20 minutes every Sunday morning to finding shoes. My shoes are included in that list. It's pretty sad. And we're preparing to move to a house that has zero closets. Eep! I have been taking many notes since you started sharing these amazing changes.

  2. any stinky well worn kids shoes you want to sell?

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