Friday, March 1, 2013

Clutter Crushing ~ Under the Bathroom Sink

After clutter crushing the medicine cabinet it was time to move on to bigger and badder things...under the bathroom sink.  Now please remember that I clearly told you before that clutter and chaos has been slowly taking over my life.  I'm very aware that you are going to be utterly appalled that I have been living this way once you see the pics.  Have mercy on me please.

Seriously, I'm pregnant with my ninth child.

I homeschool all of them.

I'm training for my second half-marathon.

The clutter and chaos *generally* stay behind closed doors.

Okay, enough excuses.  Let's get on with the photos...

Obviously I was in need of serious help.  Dollar Store help, that is.  I went to the store ready to purchase a ton of containers in all shape and sizes.  I just sort of bought 3 of every container they had, came home, sorted, discarded, stacked and moved around.  And about 2 hours later...
Don't get me started on the fact that the containers on the right are lopsided.  We have totally sub-par cabinetry in this house.  I'll just say this...if your builder ever claims that his drywall guy has "just started a side business doing cabinets" and he thinks it would be "a great idea" to let him do yours, tell him to go jump in a creek practice his new found cabinet making skills on someone else' house.

As for the organization, let's take a close-up look...
This is the left side of the cabinet.  I did label my containers, but most of them are labeled on the top so its hard to see from this view.  Here's the break-down...

1. Small Cologne bottles.
2. There are two shoebox sized containers.  The one on the bottom holds clippers and supplies for cutting boys' hair.  The one on the top holds all of the girls nail polish supplies.
3.  I bought 3 of these small containers and stacked them.  From top to bottom they contain cotton swabs, razors, ointments.
4.  A few over sized bottles of lotions and facial cleansers fit nicely in a round basket.
5.  A large open basket for my spray bottle, curling iron, flat iron, and big bottles of bubble bath and mouth wash.
6.  2 small open containers hold tweezers/nail clippers/manicure scissors and misc. sample size lotions.

The right side of the cabinet.

7. Make-up.
8. Hand and Face lotions.
9. Head bands and Hair supplies.
10. I got 3 tiers of these stacking containers and wished that I had gotten more.  We'll just call the top tier 'girly stuff', okay?
11. Soap.
12. Perfumes that were too big for a container slip into the large wire basket.
13. Mostly misc. baby products.

Now, if you thought I was done you'd be sorely mistaken.  Not only did I have the cabinets under the sink to deal with, but also two deep drawers...

The top drawer held a hodge podge of stuff...mostly things that needed to be thrown away.  So once I cleared it away...
1. Deodorants.
2. Hubby's razor.
3. Toothpaste and floss.
4. I had a space to clear the glass jar off my counter top that holds tooth brushes.
5. Hair bands and clips that we use practically every day.

The bottom drawer was a mess of cords and hair things.  Much of this I stored away containers in the cabinet. now my drawer is looking nice and roomy.

1. Hair dryer.
2. Tall basket holds hair brush and hair products.  

I admit, I am rather pleased with this accomplishment.  Unfortunately there is no time for patting myself on the back.  I've got more clutter to tackle and the weekend is a-wasting away.
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  1. and for how long will this all right? after some time I always mess in all these things, and I have a problem with the finding the stuff I needed

  2. Im a huge fan already, man. Youve done a brilliant job making sure that people understand where youre coming from. And let me tell you, I get it. Great stuff and I cant wait to read more of your blogs. What youve got to say is important and needs to be read.

  3. Very interesting post with various opinions on promotion. Bumped into it after finding your most current post on FB, which, incidentally, I really don't like :-) Too much of what I do, other than KDP, is the "drive by" type of promo, or is only intended to Like or Follow other authors. I also love Pinterest, but it's mainly for me



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