Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice in the Morning

Well, its a good thing I haven't quit my day job since my weather predictions were way off. Not only did we wake up to more snow, but we also had lots and lots of ice. There are entire counties in our area with power outages, but thankfully we still have our's.

This is our snow covered backyard.

And back deck.

You better believe that I was taking all these pictures from the safety of the indoors. My whiny self is not about to step foot outside in the frigid cold today.

The kids, however, are having a blast outside. This is a stick covered in ice that they found.

And an ice-covered leaf.

Here's E2 insisting that he's ready to go outside. Hmmmm. Actually, Hubby is off work today and did a thorough search of our closets and found snow boots and snowsuits for everyone, much to our surprise. Being a large family makes us an easy target for all of our friends' hand-me-down children's clothes. And being a large family, we know not to say "no thanks". We were quite blessed this morning to find all of this snow gear buried in our closets that we have been given for free!
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  1. got more ice than we did! Stay warm. :)

  2. We got the snow and ice too. My kids have also been out playing in it.

    Hand-me-downs are wonderful!! Looks like your kiddos had a great time!

    Blessings, Melissa

  3. i took pics too!! we were out of power from 5am till 6pm!!! he is so cute!!!!!!!



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