Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Our kids don't watch a lot of t.v. or play a lot of video games. I think this is the main reason that my mom and stepdad decided to go a little "extravagent" with G8's birthday this year. They bought him (well, the whole family really) a wii. G8's birthday is on Thanksgiving so many of the Christmas gifts were "wii themed" know, wii games and controllers and such.

Actually though, I am really glad to have it "for the kids" now. Sometimes Chad and I play it after the kids go to bed...hehehe...I always wondered what parents would do after bedtime. However, I am the Wii Master and Chad is unable to beat me at 99% of the games, so we haven't played in awhile. **smirk**

We quickly discovered how dangerous Wii play can get, especially when involving a hyper active 5 year old. Of course we make sure to have the wristbands secured, but E5 needs a little extra precaution put in place.

When E5 plays the wii, he has a tendancy to run....towards the t.v.....without stopping. So someone has to sit behind him and hold onto his belt loop (or pants, which is the case here).

These pictures were taken on New Year's Eve. We were playing the boxing game.

Here's this little gem of a fun or demon possesion? You decide.
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  1. My nephew got one for Christmas, and we all (aunts, uncles, cousins) enjoyed day while all the cousins were watching a movie upstairs, dh and I sneaked into the den and played it with the sound off just to get some extra playing time without all the kids. Somehow, five minutes later they came down and took it over. LOL!

  2. that is so funny!! i want a wii so badly!! its a good workout too!!! have fun!!!



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