Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Children

It seemed that it was once again time to write a post "introducing" you to our sweet children since they have all grown and changed and we have added to our crew.

G8 is our oldest and my biggest helper. He is kind and good and reliable - all things that make his Mama proud! He is so smart and has an amazing memory, excelling in math and science. I admire his ability to make friends everywhere we go.

A7 struggles to decide if she is a "girlie girl" or a "tomboy" (as she will say), but I know that she is the perfect balance of both. More than any of our children, she is the one who will help without being asked. She loves horses, animals of all kinds, and nature. She desires to be included, have long conversations, and to be hugged and loved.

E6 is full of surprises. He's laid back and not concerned with always being the center of attention. But when he gets your attention, you'll find that he is incredibly witty and creative. He makes me laugh and makes me want to be a better mom.

H4 has suddenly transformed from toddler to girl and it is quite beautiful. She is strong-willed and insists on getting her way - both traits that I can relate to. She is ridiculously smart and has a great desire to learn.

E2 is a charmer. He has stolen many hearts already including my own. His grin and cuteness are irresistible which has only intensified now that he is talking. He is often mischievous, often sweet, and always the center of attention.

L1 is a princess. She so naturally demands and expects an audience. Cuteness exudes from her. She's also independent and not the least bit cautious. She'll climb anything, wander anywhere, and touch everything.

Baby L is my newest love. He is quiet, and content, and curious. I've never held a baby that will focus so intently, seeming to listen so carefully when you talk to him.

I am honored and blessed to be the Mama of this crew. And today...well, I feel a little overwhelmed knowing that they deserve so much better than me. May God grant me the courage and the wisdom to become what they deserve. Pin It Now!


  1. Sweet post & sweet kiddos - thanks for the 'introduction'. :)

    Very interesting that your kids have come in a boy/girl pattern!

    We are in a pattern too: boy, boy, boy..... ;)

  2. Shanna, remember that the Lord gave these children to you because you are the perfect mother for them.

  3. Shanna~ there is no one better qualified to parent these lovely children than YOU! You are blessed!



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