Tuesday, October 27, 2009

They're not so Gr-r-reat.

Okay. So this isn't a new gripe, just one that I'm reminded of this morning as I eat my breakfast.

Did you notice a couple of years ago when they actually reduced the amount of sugar in Frosted Flakes? I did and believe me, they do not taste nearly as good now as they did when they were absolutely loaded with sugar.

I mean, c'mon. If I was concerned about my sugar intake, I wouldn't be purchasing a cereal called Frosted Flakes.

I want my sugar back. Pin It Now!


  1. How funny! My husband loves frosted flakes. We buy the Malt-O-Meal bagged brand. They taste very sweet & sugary to me, but I don't know how they compare to Kellog's brand.
    mmmm... I could go for a bowl of cereal right now!

  2. Hilarious and so true!

    What was the cereal that kept changing it's name? Started as Sugar Smacks and moved on to Honey Smacks or something and is now something altogether different. Funny stuff.



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