Saturday, October 24, 2009

Overheard from E2 this week...

While disciplining E2 for kicking and sitting on his little sister:
Mom: "E2, Bible words say, 'Be Kind to one another.' Do you know who wrote the Bible?"
E2 (eyes wide and serious): "Yes. A7." (His big sister.)
Mom (trying not to laugh): "No. Bible words are God's words."
E2 (not convinced): "No. A7 and G8 wrote the Bible." (Big sister and big brother.)

* * *

This morning...
A7: "Mom! E2 took his diaper off!"
I turn around to see a completely naked 2 year old. Grinning.
Mom: "E2, why did you take your diaper off?"
E2: "Because L1 took her diaper off."
Sure enough, L1 toddles in completely naked as well. And grinning.

* * *

One evening earlier this week.
Dad: "E2 would you like to say bedtime prayers?"
E2 (reaches up to rub Daddy's closely shaved head): "Yes... Dear God, thank you for Daddy's
pokey hairs on his head and thank you for Mommy's pokey hairs on hers' legs."
I kid you not.

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