Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Studypod Book Holder

As a 2nd year member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I have been given the wonderful opportunity to review many homeschool products over the next several months. The only compensation that I receive for my review is the free product. I feel truly blessed to be participating in this review group and I'm looking forward to trying out more products and giving you my honest opinion.

It's always fun to receive a surprise package in the mail. Since I've been a part of the TOS Homeschool Crew, the mailman has been dropping off several surprise packages. The Studypod Book Holder arrived a few weeks ago.

Our kids are still young and we rarely use an actual textbook with their homeschool lessons. Mostly they use workbooks, read-alouds, and create hands-on projects so there isn't a real need for a book holder just yet for their studies. However - as people at the grocery store are always fond of reminding me when they see my large family - my hands are full, so I'm finding plenty of uses for the Studypod.

I can prop up a research book next to the computer or a teacher's manual while I'm teaching. I can use it to hold a magazine or recipe book in the kitchen or my bible or a good novel while I'm nursing. My absolute favorite use for it currently is to hold my pattern book while I'm crocheting.

The Studypod has lots of cool features:

*It's shaped like a book for portability.
*It holds almost any size and style book.
*It even has a storage case for pens and other accessories.

Watch this video to see for yourself:

The Studypod is available in black, blue, and pink and can be purchased online for $19.95. Studypod is also offering a SPECIAL DISCOUNT to our readers. You can get $5 off your order by using this coupon code: TOSBLOG5.

Read more Studypod reviews at the TOS Crew blog.

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