Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another month, another birthday.

Our oldest daughter turned 8 last month and I'm just now getting around to telling you about it...Tsk, tsk.

A8 celebrated with a sewing themed birthday and her very first slumber party. Boy was she excited!

Each of her sweet friends brought her something to fill up her sewing basket she received lots of fun fabrics, ribbons, threads, and buttons. I showed the girl's how to cross stitch with a small cross stitch kit that each of the girl's got to take home.

Here are our three beautiful girls: H4, A8, and L1.

January started our back to back birthdays with E3. February was A8. March was Chad...he just turned 30. (Don't worry, honey. Not that many people read this blog.) Mine is this month (I'll be 28.) H4 in May, L1 in June. THEN we take a break! Well, for a couple months anyway.

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  1. That is an AWESOME idea! I am so stealing that one!



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