Friday, August 3, 2012

Homeschool Co-ops

We have had the pleasure of participating in a homeschool co-op almost every semester of our homeschool career.  We have a large community of homeschoolers in our community and several co-ops to choose from.

If you're not familiar, a homeschool co-op is a group of homeschooling families meeting together (usually one day a week).  This is not a drop off, 'moms day out' kind of thing though.  Because all of the moms (and sometimes dads and/or grandmas, etc) stay and teach or assist in classes.

Co-op has always been a blessing to our family.  There are women whom I love dearly and count among my closest friends today that I met at co-op.  Many of my children's best friends are fellow co-op kids.  And our kids have had the opportunity to take classes that I could have/would have never taught them like karate, ballet, chocolate class, volcano class, and drama.

For us, co-op is about fun.  But some parents participate in co-op to enroll their students in classes that they find difficult to teach.  Now that our kids are getting older, we are feeling the pressure of 'losing' one day of our core curriculum teaching to co-op.  But for now we will make the necessary sacrifice to make co-op work.  We just enjoy it that much.  Also, I should mention that our co-op is only one day a week for 9 weeks in the fall and 9 weeks in the Spring.  That's not a huge commitment.

Also, our family has teamed up with another family this year to share the responsibility of teaching our History and Science curriculum.   Two days a week, we meet up to walk through this in-depth curricula.  It has been a joy and always the highlight of our week! 

For your pleasure, here is a repost of a 2008 post:

Effects of a Full Day at Co-op



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