Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Weigh-In: Kids Triathlon

This week, I thought I'd let my two oldest boys inspire you...

E8 and G11 completed their first triathlon this Sunday.  I am so proud of these boys. 

When we arrived, they got marked up...

...and then they checked out the pool.

E8 raced first.

50 meter swim.

On to the bike.

Bike 3k.

 And run 1k.
He did awesome!

Next G11 lined up for a 100 meter swim.

He told me later that he had trouble because he swallowed water accidentally during his swim. 

His bike was a 5k.

G11 and E8 both had an awesome cheer team.

G11 transitioned into his 3k run.

And finished strong!

He did admit that after the pool water swallowing incident, he got sick along the trail, but kept going!  After the race was over, he won a door prize for new running shoes and a gift certificate.  He was so excited about it.  His daddy was teasing him and told him he might have to give the shoes to one of his siblings.  G11 said, "No way!  I threw up for these shoes!  I'm keeping them!"

Ha!  I love it!  I've got some strong, committed boys!

How's your commitment been this week?  Weigh in by linking up with your blog post or comment below.

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