Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Week 5

It seems I can only manage to post a Weekly Wrap Up every other week.  But, least I'm consistent. 

I don't always capture the nitty gritty on the camera, so you'll just get a glimpse of the highlights.  Above, the kiddos were playing with a new review product.  A game from playPlay.  More to come on that later!

Hubby let me take a much needed, mom's night out to Uptown Art.  A great friend and I took a painting class.  I can't wait to go again!

Our dog, Gideon, is now in dog training.  In case you weren't aware, "dog training" would be more aptly named "dog owner training".  We have a trainer coming to the house to teach the kids and us about every other week.  This huge dog was born just this past Christmas and we are looking forward to curing some bad puppy habits.

E5 is our puzzle man and spent an afternoon working on this puzzle.  It was actually rather difficult as it was one of those pictures that changes as you move it side to side. 

More puzzle mania continued throughout the week.

This little one...the little one on the right...decided to do some furniture acrobatics this week.  Yes, they are sitting on a hospital bed.  He received four staples on a gash on the side of the head.  This picture was taken after the staples, while slurping the blue slushies our children's hospital gives to all patients.  He also got to watch Disney's Cars 2 at the hospital.  Despite the staples, he still declared when we got back home, "This has been SUCH a fun day!" *sigh*

This little one discovered the flash on the camera...

...and then he got a hair cut.  It's a little shorter than this Mama wanted.  But it will grow back.  It will grow back, right?

She fell asleep mid-lesson.  I certainly can't blame her.  Homeschool can be exhausting!
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