Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Memories - Decor

Christmas is truly such a beautiful holiday. It's really a shame that twinkling lights are so closely associated with this one holiday. Otherwise I think I might keep them up all year...on purpose I mean.

I thought I'd make sure to take some photos of the pretty little things that I just enjoy seeing around my house at Christmas.

Okay, so the rest of my living room looks horrible but at least the tree was pretty! I actually didn't have any gifts wrapped until Christmas Eve after the kids went to bed.

Stockings filled after a visit from St. Nick.

A beautiful angel to announce the birth of Christ. L1 actually screamed with delight when we plugged in this angel's lights.

I love the ruggedness of this statue of St. Nick. He stands by our fireplace all through December.

Two gifts sit under our tree all during the holidays. One is to Jesus and one is from him. We have a tradition that each Christmas morning we "offer a gift" to's usually a commitment of some sort. One might say they resolve to spend more time in prayer or bible study...much like a New Year's Resolution. The little kids often draw pictures. Then we open the gift "from Jesus" is a two sided coin. One says 'Eternal Life' and the other says 'Abundant Life'. We talk about the gifts that Jesus gives and read Luke 2.

The Christmas tree at church because its just so pretty.

It's Foto Friday, so you'll find more 'Holiday' themed pictures at Renaissance . Pin It Now!


  1. Sigh...Christmas trees and lights are SOOOOO pretty!

    Blessings! :)

  2. It's so good of you to join us!

    Your decorations and tree are so LOVELY. (and I love the names of your children...I spied them on the stockings! ;-) )

    Hope you join us again!

  3. Everything just looks so festive!
    I really like your gift to Jesus idea, I might have to swipe that, if you don't mind!

  4. Love all of your beautiful lovely!



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