Saturday, July 4, 2009

Big Announcement! And something free for YOU!

I have had many up-till-2AM nights working on creating a new online business for the past 3 months and I'm finally ready to invite you all to check it out!

Integritas Academy
Inspiration for lessons with your little ones at home.

A part of the site is called "Inspiration". This is a gathering of posts and ideas that I have on many different homeschool topics. Also included on the site are over 40 homeschool product reviews that I have written this past year. (I'll be receiving up to 75 more products this year with the TOS Crew and still giving you my honest opinion about each one!)

We would eventually like to offer unit studies, lapbook lessons, and e-books for purchase on the site but for now I'm very excited to announce that I have my first series of products available for purchase on the site....FILE FOLDER GAMES!

FILE FOLDER GAMES are a great tool to use to teach your little ones. Our kids don’t even realize they are learning while they are playing! Our File Folder Games are ordered as printable files. You print your game boards and adhere them to the inside of file folders for easy storage.

These FILE FOLDER GAMES are perfect for WORKBOXES and LEARNING CENTERS! I created all of the games myself and all of the artwork is my own.

You can browse through our selection of FILE FOLDER GAMES here:

They are available for individual purchase by Paypal. (I will email the files and instructions once payment is received.)

OR I also have all 17 games available on Integritas Academy File Folder Games Collection 1 CD-ROM at a GREAT BARGAIN! See details here:


I was hoping to get the word out about the website and our file folder games through the blogging community. SO, if you have a blog and would be willing to try out my file folder games and blog about it I will send you the files to 3 of our games absolutely free!

Here's what you'll need to do:

*Check out our website and our file folder games here:

*Then come back here and leave a comment to this post. I'll need two things in the comment section... (1) The names of the file folder games that you would like to have. (2) Your email address.

*I'll send you the files and you get to print them out and play with them with your little ones!

*Sometime in the next couple of weeks or so, just blog about our games, our site and what you thought of them. (Please be sure to link to our site and mention that all of our file folder games are available for purchase individually or as a collection on our Collection 1 Cd-ROM.)

*Lastly, just let me know when you've posted so that I don't miss it!

Thanks so much and I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback! Pin It Now!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    What a wonderful enterprise.

    I enjoy reading about homeschooling initiatives even though I never homeschooled and my son is college age, but educating kids is something of a passion of mine.

    All the best.

  2. Wow girl you all are super neat and the site looks GREAT!!
    I would LOVE to try some out...
    1.Skip Counting-1st grade
    2.Rainbow Ice Cream-pre-k
    3.Who has Patience for all these Patients? Homophones - 3rd and up

    I really think that you have a great site and I look forward to watching your all's business bloom!
    Praying for you all to be blessed!
    In HIS love,

  3. Those look great. My kids love file folder games. I would love reviewing them - my picks:
    1. Contraction Contraption (3rd grade)
    2. Name That State (3rd Grade)
    3. Letter Match (Grade K)

    You can email me at - but you knew that O Wise and Brilliant Mentor!

  4. Those look great. Congrats on the new business venture. How exciting!

    I'd love to try out Letter Match, Seasons Change, and Busy Buzzing Numbers games.

    My email addy is

  5. Hi Shanna,
    Your FF games with pics are on my blog! Lots of Fun! When Nathan gts back from camp I will ty out the older ones! Thanks!
    In HIS love

  6. Hi I would love to try out your games. Letter Match, name that state and don't be late would be great for my kids...
    my email is

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to try them and review....

  7. Awesome!!!! i'll blog later and share. Hey, just checking, did you get my email?

  8. Wow! I'm impressed. I would be glad to help you spread the word. I'd love to try these games:

    Counting Coins
    Skip Counting
    Let's Play Doubles

    The Letter Match looks great, too, but I won't try to be greedy. ;0) You've got a good selection for everyone!

  9. I forgot to include my email address:

  10. I just saw this on Sara's blog. Your games are wonderful! I would love to try some out & review them for you.

    -Parking Patterns
    -AM or PM
    -Buried Treasure

    They all look wonderful! Great job!

  11. I would be willing to review some games for you if you still need more families. I'd love to see Name that State (perfect for our curriculum this year!), AM or PM and Buried Treasure. Let me know! Thanks, they all look great!!


  12. If you still need reviewers I would love to help out :)

    *Who Has the Patience for all these Patients?
    *Contraction Contraption
    *Buried Treasure
    *AM or PM

    These are in order of preference..

    Thanks for the opportunity. They all look fabulous!

    lovetolearn (at) bresnan (dot) net

  13. Hello Shanna,

    I would love to try out the games and post a review on my blog.
    1) Crocodile Chomp
    2) Buried Treasure
    3) Counting Coins

    I will post the review as soon as we start back up to school. Your games will be one of the first things we do : ) I am excited to try them out.
    Jennifer Hyatt



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