Monday, July 20, 2009

Learning Centers Update

I recently updated our learning centers and wanted to show you how they look now.

Before I just had a couple of things at each center. But the kids were becoming bored more quickly than I hoped and I didn't want to have to change out the learning centers that often. As you can see above, Learning Center 1 now has 5 containers. Each container holds a different activity.

Box #1: A Math game that we had.

Box #2: Assorted Puzzles.

Box #3: Math manipulatives and scale.

Box #4: Worsheets about weather printed from

Box #5: Lace-up patterns and string.

I attached a baggie to the wall with slips of paper folded inside. The kids "Pick a Number" from the baggie and play with that box when they get to the learning center.

Learning Center #2 is set up the same way, except there are only 3 boxes.

Box #1: Math Wrap-ups

Box #2: Free printables from SparkleBox about plants.

Box #3: A box of our File Folder Games. (You can purchase Integritas Academy File Folder Games Collection 1 CD-Rom on our website for only $15! The files to 17 games are included, all geared toward pre-K through 3rd grade students.)

I moved our Art Center to a bigger table and added some construction paper, crayons, scissors, and glue.

I added a sign with construction paper ideas. (This idea sheet came with my pack of construction paper.)

I taped three pieces of yarn to the table for the kids to practice braiding.

I'm always inspired to draw when looking at pretty pictures of wildflowers. Attaching an index card to this book and sitting it on the art table adds another simple activity for our little ones.

Truly, our learning centers are quite simple. I use what we have and as you can see, I spend little time on making it pretty. I'll continue to change boxes out when I have the time, but it's been well over a week now and the kids are still entertaining themselves quietly at the centers.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I may borrow some of your ideas.
    I wanted to let you know that I posted the review of your games. You can find it here
    Thanks for letting me be a reviewer.

  2. Looks great!

    Ok question. . . I read on the HSS forum all these great things about the boxes, so I tried with my girls. Now they are 3 and 4 so I think it will get easier, but for your younger ones, do you have any tips? My plan was for them to work on an independent project in a box while I worked one on one with another. Yeah, that didn't happen. They were constantly wanting to either show me what they were doing or wanting me to do it with them, which defeated the purpose of "independent work" while I sat one on one with the other! Now, don't gasp, but my currently solution of the past couple weeks has been blues clues for the 3 year old while I work with the older one and then free play for the oldest in another room while I work with the younger. But I so LOVE this idea and it seems you do something that I don't. HELP?!? :-)

    Oh and thanks for visiting my blog!



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