Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Science Fun - Betelgeuse

We have been studying a little about space and stars recently in our science studies for My Father's World. The other day we learned about the superstar Betelgeuse (pronounced Beetle Juice). Ever heard of it? I hadn't.

My Father's World explained that it is the largest star that we can see with the naked eye. I wasn't able to confirm that online, but I did find several sites that confirmed that the size of Betelgeuse is about 650 times bigger than the sun.

...Which is why we needed to head outside for the little experiment MFW suggested...

First we drew the sun on a piece of paper shrinking it down to a one-inch diameter. (The dot is the approximate size of the earth comparatively.)

Then we went outside to measure out approximately 650 inches using a yard stick. (Yes, my kids are still in their pajamas.)

In the picture above you can see three of the kids. The two furthest away represent the approximate diameter of Betelgeuse in comparison to our one-inch sun. A7 is in the middle holding our picture of the sun.

Here's a close-up.

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  1. Too funny - we are always in our jammies too. I have been meaning to email and well.... life happens. I want your file folder games, but honestly the idea of printing them out, cutting, then laminating is slowing me down. Bethany was showing me the ones you let her borrow and I still really want them. We decided to just ask - how much would you charge to give us ready to go games? I know you probably have WAY less time than me, but I want them and will just have to buckle down and do it all in one day or something. So... if you do not want to even do that just say so... no problem. Thanks

  2. OK, So how are you such a GREAT MOM?
    Geesh! You put some of us to shame with all this stuff...lol



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