Wednesday, July 1, 2009

True Beauty

This is my grandmother and this photo was taken three weeks ago at our family reunion.

She is 95 years old and every year the family gathers around this matriarch to sing her a song that she old country song..."Red Roses for a Blue Lady".

As the song is sung each one of her 14 children dances up to her in order of their birth and hands her a red rose.

Grandma's husband died when she still had 11 children in the home. She never remarried.

She has 52 grandchildren.

At last count, she has over 110 great-grandchildren and a dozen great-great grandchildren.

She is a "Mom of Many" and has an incredible legacy to show for it.

And she is beautiful.

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  1. wow what a story! 11 kids as a single mom - impressive! In today's world she'd have a tv show. LOL! She reminds me of my husband's grandmother. She was exactly 100 years older than my son, and we always gathered for her birthday each year. She lived to be 103. You are blessed to have her in your life I'm sure.

  2. How lucky you are to have such a legacy to follow!

  3. How sweet! How long have they been doing this tradition? Adorable!
    In HIS love

  4. Oh, how beautiful!! She is SO inspiring and I just love the sweet tradition. We do not have a big family, makes me long for one.

    Blessings, Melissa



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