Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's Gorgeous!

Only a M.O.M. (Mom Of Many) can truly appreciate the beauty of a 15 passenger van!

You see, this is what we have been driving for the past seven years...
It's been a good van...but it's a worn out van. It has 235,ooo+ miles on it. It has a large rusted dent in the passenger side door (my fault). A half a gallon of light blue wall paint was spilled and dried into the carpet in the back (also my fault). And we haven't had air conditioning in the van in five years.

This is what the inside looks like...

Look a little strange to you? Well, I was just certain that God would provide a BIG van (with air) for us well over a year ago when I was pregnant with L1. After all, she was number 6 and we only had enough room for 5 children in the back of our worn out van. But alas, God had different plans...the funds for a BIG van never worked, but we were able to get an extra bench seat at a local junkyard that matched our van's interior perfectly for free! My husband took out the middle two bucket seats and replaced it with the 2nd bench seat to make our 7-passenger an 8-passenger.

Yes, it was crowded. Yes, there was much screaming and fighting. Yes, the kids had to climb OVER the bench seat to get into the back. Yes, we still had to survive the humid summer without a/c. But there were enough seatbelts to go around.

Until now that is. The expected arrival of Baby #7 is fast approaching and we were fresh out of seatbelts. We have prayed and pinched and saved and there has been much talk about how to contribute to the "Van fund". Nevertheless, things are still tight around here. To be honest, a month ago I had given up all hope that we would even be able to purchase a new van. I honestly had come to terms with having to drive 2 vehicles everywhere once the baby was born.

And then God provided!

Isn't it pretty? Best of all, it has FRONT and REAR air! Woo-hoo!

And the kids have plenty of room! We are an EXCITED family this week! Pin It Now!


  1. It is beautiful!! Although I'm liking the looks of your old van being that we have two kids and a teeny weeny car. We still have enough seat belts but if we have one more kid (which we will Lord willing) there is no way to fit three carseats in the back. They are just too big. Anyway, thanks for the story of God's faithfulness when we need it. He is good!!

  2. Horray for you! Love the new van!

    We're going to have to add the extra bench seat to our current van with the next baby too.... maybe we should start checking junkyards now? hehehe...

  3. LOVE IT! but only those of us with at a least a 1/2 dozen kids would be able to appreciate it! congrats!

  4. I laughed out loud when I saw your post. My dh has been talking about a 15 passenger van for about 6 months now (we have 5). I scoffed, I ignored, I did not want to drive a full size van. And then we went camping. With two cars, 5 kids and two dogs. I have been shopping and praying for said van. Congrats on yours! Hopefully one of these days I will post about mine!

  5. Oh this is great! I know you have been wanting one for a long time. I can't wait to see it.


  6. I'm confused. How in the world did you fit six kids in a minivan?? How many do you have in car seats? I have a 6,4,3 and 1 year old and they are all in full size car seats, the oldest by choice. But, the booster wouldn't give us any more room anyway, so that doesn't matter. I can JUST fit the infant car seat between the oldest two in the back seat, but we have a bench in the front and only two kids can fit there. We are looking to buy a Sprinter or 15 passenger next summer because as soon as baby #5 needs a convertible car seat between 9 and 12 months, it won't fit anymore. Just curious how that worked. Congrats on your new car!! Very exciting!! I get excited just doing research on my future vehicle!!

  7. Yeah, my kids are on the smaller end. My 6 year old son just passed 40 lbs and got out of his regular 5-point harness into a Radian65. My 4-year old daughter hasn't even hit 30lbs yet, so she can't even be in a booster if I wanted her to be! Our kids are usually facing backward until close to 18 mo, too. In Indiana our kids have to be in a booster until 8 years now unless they are bigger kids. So, different situation. I'm just thankful it looks as if we should have enough money to put down on a larger vehicle next summer to accommodate us. We are hoping to save $10,000 so we don't have to take out a huge loan. That is a great idea to get a bench seat. I'm sure I will pass on your idea to other families!!

    Thanks for sending your file folder games!! I have a nice homeschool community I am touch with that I will be sharing them with, too! Looking forward to using them!

  8. To clarify what I said, sharing your file folders by sending them to your website...not sending them the download. Sorry, after re-reading that I wanted to clarify. =)



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